Thank you for your interest in The Merryman Performing Arts Center (MPAC) for your special day.

A request for the use of the MPAC may be made one year in advance. A condensed copy of our rental policies & procedures is included in this packet for your convenience.   A detailed version can be found at  The password is MPAC. This must be read before signing a contract.

Please note that the Merryman Performing Arts Center is an alcohol and tobacco free venue.

Fees for the venue’s rental range from $425 to $750 depending on amenities and areas used. Morris Family Theatre rental and all package rentals include lobby and dressing room use at no extra charge.  Wedding rehearsals and decoration days, scheduled the day before the ceremony, will be charged $145 for the auditorium.

Below are links to the Facility Rental Contract and the Facility Use Form. Please be sure to sign and return these with a $100.00 deposit and a certificate of insurance. (see contract for details) Your signed Rental Contract and Use Form is due 6 weeks prior to your event.  Contracts must be signed by both the applicant and the MPAC Executive Director or Operations Manager to be binding.  Prior to the signed contract and deposit being received, the MPAC reserves the right to release dates. Dates may be held by the MPAC Executive Director as a courtesy, but this does not constitute a firm reservation.

Merryman Contract

Facility Use Form

We look forward to making your special day one you won’t forget!

Shawn Deiger
Operations Manager
Merryman Performing Arts Center


Basic Info
Theatre Auditorium:
  1. Main Floor seats 488 people and is accessible through the Reception Hall
  2. Balcony seats 280 people
  3. Stage is up to 45’ wide – customizable with black curtains
  4. Dressing Rooms have showers, toilets, and sinks and accommodate up to 8 people (2 rooms on the main floor and 2 upstairs
  1. Baby Grand Piano is available for use at no charge
Reception Hall:
  1. Will seat approximately 150 people at 8’ round tables or 178 people without tables (seating option diagram is available)
  2. Audio system is available
Conference Room:
  1. Contains table and chairs with space for approximately 30 people
  2. Located on the second floor across from the balcony entrance
  3. Accessible by the grand staircase or elevator
  4. Commonly used as the bridal party dressing room
  1. Ice/Water Usage – If caterers/user groups need access to water and/or ice the staff will allow access to the kitchen. The kitchen will remain locked when not supervised. There will be no charges assessed for this service.
  2. Food Service – In general caterers should be “self-sufficient” when it comes to providing services. Set up and service can occur on tables in the hallway adjacent to the cafeteria/reception area. Caterers should provide their own towels for cleanup and their own trash bags/receptacles.
  3. Kitchen Usage – If a caterer/user group wants to use the kitchen and or equipment for any event, a Bearcat Diner Staff member MUST be on duty the entire time. They will serve as supervisor of the kitchen. The fees will be $24 per hour for the Bearcat Diner Staff member and $150-$250 for full use of the kitchen. The fee will be billed to the user from Bearcat Diner. The Bearcat Diner staff on duty is not required to “work” for the user as they are there in a consultant/supervisory capacity.
  4. Information – For information regarding the use of the kitchen or to inquire into catering options please contact the Food Service Director at (308) 698-8160.
Basic Rental Fees Include:
  1. Folding Chairs (110 available)
  2. 6’ Tables (8 available)
  3. 8’ Tables (19 available)
  4. Ice/Water (from Kitchen)
  5. Stage Lighting (part of Theatre Rental)
  6. Sound System (part of Theatre Rental)
  7. Parking (in designated areas only)
    1. Main Parking Lot (South Lot) has 224 parking spots, 8 of which are designated handicapped spaces. Accessible by 22nd
    2. Kearney Public Schools Central Office Lot (West Lot) has 52 parking spots available after business hours. Accessible by 4th
    3. 60 street spaces available in a two block radius.
Basic Rental Fees Do Not Include:
  1. Kitchen Usage (other than Ice/Water)
  2. Custodial Fees ($30 per hour)
    1. Will be on duty if deemed necessary by the Operations Manager.
    2. Will be responsible for monitoring/cleaning the premises as required.
    3. Will NOT be responsible for assisting the renting representative with loading or unloading equipment.
  3.  Technician Fees ($20 per hour)
    1. Technical equipment can only be operated by authorized personnel.
    2. Are responsible for running and operating lighting, audio and rigging systems.
    3. Will NOT be responsible for assisting the renting representative with loading or unloading equipment.
  4.  Choral Risers (13 available)
  5.  Orchestra/Band – Soundshell
  6.  Projector/ screen
  7.  Spotlights
  8.  Concert Grand Piano
  9.  5’ Round Tables (5 available)
  10.  Tablecloths/Linens (Limited availability)
Facility Use Form (Custodian/Technician)
The Facility Use Form is used to submit more detailed information than that of the Contract. This information includes: which areas are being rented, general layout for those areas, number of tables and chairs needed, sound/microphones, etc. A Facility Use Form providing detailed information will be due to the Operations Manager at least four weeks prior to the date of use. The MPAC Operations Manager will arrange a meeting time to go over and review the Facility Use Form.